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How to order and get materials.

How to order and get the materials.
Customers can whatsapp the code of each products to my mobile number 9894222270.we will send the bill in whatsapp.after your payment(only bank/online transfer)we will despatch your order through courier to your address.
For international customers please add +91 before the mobile number and then send whatapp.
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we are selling art and craft raw materials at your best price


Craft sand - stones - dust.

All type of Craft powders for sale in our Art and craft shop Rajs know how arts and crafts,Whatsapp the name of the product to my mobile number +919894222270 to get these follwing products.

All types of powders can be shipped within India only.

Craft Powders

Product name: Ceramic powder-1kg pack
RS.80/ kg
Ceramic powder is used for making ceramic mural, ceramic doll, texture painting, embossing art , flowers,ceramic clay etc.

Chalk powder-1kg pack
RS.80/ kg
Chalk powder is used in Tanjore painting,lippan painting,as painting base for cold porcelain ,chalk paint,pot painting etc.

Plaster of Paris-1kg pack
RS.60/ pack
Plaster of Paris is used In making molds,dolls,sculpture,kids hand print,toys etc.

Zinc oxide
100g in a pack

Saw Dust for Craft purpose
Craft color saw Dust are used in various mural making,grass like,sand like in school project.

Sand color saw dust-20g pack
Rs.25/ pack

Brown color saw dust- (20g pack)
Rs.25/ pack

Red color saw dust- (20g pack)
Rs.25/ pack

Pebbles is used in kids Craft, Mural making, school project, paper craft
 50g in a pack
10 mm size approximately
Rangoli Holi Pigments
10 colors in a pack
Gold dust 
Gold dust are used for blowing on varnish and 
Mixing with medium 2 for getting real golden effect 

White marble powder used for mural making purposes, Relief art work,doll making etc.
Rs.120/ kg

Moulding powder used for making 3d art

Grass powder used for school project and various craft purpose.
Rs.80/ bottle

Coffee seeds used for embossed effects in mural making.
Rs.45/ pack
50g in a pack

Florescent Pigments used in epoxy resin and wax candles making,poster paints base etc.
Rs.350/ pack
7 high Florescent colour in a box.

Color sand used for school projects and various glass painting work.

High quality Gold dust used for terracotta jewellery,glass painting, acrylic painting etc.

Paraffin wax
Candle wick₹45
moulding and 3-D models.
500g pack

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