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How to order and get materials.

How to order and get the materials.
Customers can whatsapp the code of each products to my mobile number 9894222270.we will send the bill in whatsapp.after your payment(only bank/online transfer)we will despatch your order through courier to your address.
For international customers please add +91 before the mobile number and then send whatapp.
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we are selling art and craft raw materials at your best price


Clay(all types)

This album contains all types of used for craft /jewellery making purpose available for sale  in our art shop Rajs know how arts and 9677319687 for details.

terracotta clay for terracotta jewellery making
Fine filtered Terracotta clay(1kg)- Rs.120

fimo polymer clay

Fimo polymer clay

Yenji clay
yenji clay

Modelling Clay

Modelling clay

Yengi toy clay white and colouring clay -

thai clay
Thai clay-Rs.350

colouring thai clay-all type of colours available

thai clay for flower making
Thai clay-Rs.1300/kg

terracotta air dry clay
terracotta modelling clay- Rs.130


Natural clay- Rs.90

Paper mash terra colour clay- Rs.100

Sakura Air dry clay -  Rs.180

Polymer clay(All mixed colours)- Rs.300/pack

Polymer clay craft materials
Proton Polymer clay(individual colours)- Rs.75/pack

Porcelain clay-Rs.120/pack

                                                  Nara air hardening  terracotta clay

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