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How to order and get materials.

How to order and get the materials.
Customers can whatsapp the code of each products to my mobile number 9894222270.we will send the bill in whatsapp.after your payment(only bank/online transfer)we will despatch your order through courier to your address.
For international customers please add +91 before the mobile number and then send whatapp.
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we are selling art and craft raw materials at your best price


Doll Making items.

Doll making materials available for sale in our Art and craft shop Rajs know how Arts and Crafts madurai.whatsapp 9894222270 for details.

Marapachi Wooden Doll
6 inch -Rs.1000
10 inch-Rs.2000
12 inch-Rs.2500

Baby Doll
This doll can be made as a boy or girl. It's available in three different sizes

Doll 1-Small-6cm height-Rs.300/piece
Doll 2-Medium-8cm height-Rs.440/piece
Doll 3-Big-10cm height-Rs.540/piece

Back view

Cake topper Barbie
Rs.50/ piece
This Barbie can be decorated on cakes as toppe

Japan Barbie doll - 2
Rs.130/ piece
This doll chin has 2 to 3 dots by default. You have to hide it when working with Aarathi plates.

Japan Barbie doll-1
This doll face is very white so you can use for English themes and bright bridegroom themes
Rs.150/ piece

Long hair doll
This doll has a long hair which can be used for decorating long hair themes,god etc
RS.560/ piece

Doll Dollar-1

Doll Dollar-2


Doll Dollar-3


Doll Dollar-4


Doll Dollar-5


Doll Dollar-6


Doll Dollar-7


Doll Dollar-8