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foam craft for kids

Foam craft for kids

3d wooden craft

3d wooden craft

3d wooden craft

3d wooden craft

colourful scratch paper


For sale
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Craft Papers


Just send the color or paper name to my whatsapp number 9894222270.
This album contains all kinds of papers used for craft purpose available in our shop Rajs know how arts and 9677319687 for details.

Duplex Papers.

     These Papers are used mainly in flower making and various types of craft purpose.

Duplex Paper-Lemon yellow-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-White-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-Yellow-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-Peach-Rs.30/piece

 Duplex Paper- Dark orange-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-Chocholate brown-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-Red-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-Rose-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-Sky Blue-Rs.30/piece

 Duplex Paper-Olive green-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-Royal Blue-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-Orange-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-Black-Rs.30/piece

Duplex Paper-Pink-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-Dark Green-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-Magenta-Rs.30/piece
Duplex Paper-Baby Pink-Rs.30/piece

Aluminium foils

     These foil are used as a wrapping in chocolate and various other crafts 

Aluminium foils

Sola wood

sola wood(coloured and plain)

Handmade papers

handmade papers

craft papers

jute cloth papers

Corrugated papers
designer papers


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